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Madina Arabic

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Journey Through Madinah Arabic

Dive into the heart of Arabic language and culture with our comprehensive “Journey Through Madinah Arabic” course. Designed for beginners and intermediate learners alike, this course offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich linguistic heritage of Madinah, a pivotal city in the history and development of the Arabic language.

Course Overview

Spanning over 12 weeks, our course is structured around the renowned Madinah Arabic books, which are celebrated for their clear, structured approach to learning Arabic. Through a blend of interactive lectures, engaging assignments, students will go through an immersive learning program.

Master the Arabic Alphabet

Start from the basics by learning to read and write the Arabic alphabet and gradually progress to forming words and sentences.

Develop Speaking Skills

Engage in conversational practice sessions that mimic everyday scenarios in Madinah, enhancing fluency and comprehension in spoken Arabic.

Understand Grammar and Vocabulary

Delve into the essential grammatical structures of Arabic, enriching your vocabulary with words and phrases used in daily life in Madinah.

Pursue Advanced Studies

Be prepared to advance to higher levels of Arabic study

Course Outline

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